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Commercial Mortgage Banking & Structured Finance

A commercial real estate finance intermediary, specializing in arranging debt and equity capital
for commercial real estate on behalf of developers, investors and owners.

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Transactions From $2M To $1B

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Bolder Capital leverages decades of industry relationships to execute conventional and unconventional financing solutions for commercial real estate.  Our team sources innovative options throughout the capital stack for development, value-add and stabilized transactions.

Bolder Capital facilitates financing in multiple asset classes including multifamily, office, retail and industrial ranging in value from $2 million to $1 billion.

Capital Access

We provide comprehensive access to agency loans, offering favorable terms for financing multifamily assets through Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHA. These loans are secured through government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs), ensuring competitive rates and reliable funding.

We specialize in securing financing through CMBS loans, which are ideal for investors looking for non-recourse loans with fixed interest rates. These loans are packaged and sold on the secondary market offering low rates, interest only and maximum leverage for a range of commercial real estate investments.

Our correspondence with life insurance companies enables us to arrange long-term, fixed-rate financing for commercial properties. These loans are ideal for investors seeking stable, low-risk capital solutions with competitive interest rates for their high-quality real estate assets.

Our balance sheet financing options offer direct lending from our resources, providing more flexible and creative solutions. This approach is ideal for complex transactions that require a tailored financing structure, including those with shorter timelines or unique properties.

We facilitate traditional bank financing for commercial real estate; offering construction loans, term loans and lines of credit. Our strong relationships with banks enable us to negotiate favorable terms and rates, providing a range of options for your real estate financing needs.

Bolder Capital arranges bridge loans for short-term financing needs, ideal for properties undergoing transition, renovation or value-add strategies. These loans provide rehab and “good news” funds as a portion of total project cost (LTC) and are structured to bridge to a long-term financing or sales exit.

We assist in securing equity financing for commercial real estate projects, connecting Joint Venture and Preferred Equity investors with opportunities to participate directly in the ownership and profits. This option is ideal for projects requiring significant capital, offering the potential for higher returns.

Bolder Capital taps into a network of private investors to provide flexible, creative capital solutions. This option is suitable for non-traditional or higher-risk projects that may not fit conventional lending criteria, be large enough for institutional investors and can offer bespoke financing solutions tailored to specific project needs.

Our mezzanine financing solutions can be ideal for filling gaps in the capital stack. This option works for developers needing additional funding beyond what traditional senior debt offers, often secured by a subordinate interest in the property.

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